Selling a junk car in Houston is not as simple as exchanging cash. Giving away your damaged car for cash sounds easy but there is much more to it. You have to deal with many issues other than just the transfer of funds to get rid of a junk car. You need to cancel your car’s insurance and registration after someone has bought your junk car. The most important step in selling your damaged car for cash is completing the transfer of title.

Car Cash Depot buys junk cars with a proper proof of ownership or the title of ownership. Transferring the title of your junk car is not hard but is a crucial step in legally selling your junk car in Houston.

The Need of Title Transfer when Selling your Junk Car

The car’s title is a legal document that shows its ownership by you. You need the title of ownership to legally own the car until the time you sell it. Without transferring the title of ownership at the time of selling it, you will still remain its owner technically. If later in time your junk car is involved in any illegal activity, you will be liable for that. Therefore, it is very important to sell your junk car along with the title of ownership.       

When Selling your Junk Car in Houston | Damaged cars | Carcashdepot

To get the title transfer done, you need all the documents at hand. Each state has different requirements for transferring the title of your car to the next owner. To quickly get the title transfer, you should check out the local DMV requirements prior to selling your damaged car for cash. If you don’t follow proper guidelines, it may even take weeks or months to sell your junk car.

Usually, the state DMV may require the following to transfer the title of your car-

  • An application form for Certificate of Title or Registration completed beforehand. The form will have details regarding the buyer and seller, the selling price, type of sale, and related costs.
  • You need to pay a nominal fee to accomplish the task of title transfer of your car to a new buyer.
  • If you are selling a damaged car for cash, you need to share a damage disclosure for title transfer.
  • You will require the current odometer reading to transfer the title if needed by the state.
  • You might need a Bill of Sale in addition to the title as required by the state.

To get the title transfer done, you may need to fulfill one or more criteria mentioned above.

Sell your Junk Car in Houston Hassle-free

You must gain knowledge about all the documents you need to sell your junk car effectively. If you are worried about the process of getting the title of your car transferred to the buyer, we can help. At Car Cash Depot, we take care of all the title transfer and fee without troubling you. All you need to do is present your car’s title to us at the time of selling your junk car.

You don’t need to roam around in order to transfer your car’s title. Just fill out Car Cash Depot Quote to sell your damaged car for cash easily. All you need is a valid title of ownership to sell your junk car hassle-free.