Damaged cars are not easy to sell no matter how recent the model is. Having an accident can be quite overwhelming as it may leave you and your family injured. The accident may not cause injuries to you but can leave your car heavily damaged. In many cases, you can get your damaged car repaired without spending much, if it’s covered under the insurance. But even if the insurance bears the expenses, your damaged car loses its value. The value depends on the level of damage and type of repair your car is going to go through.

Checking the Value of your Damaged Car

There are ways to determine the value of your damaged car to get maximum cash. There are many factors that are taken into account to calculate the worth of your damaged car. The value of each damaged car will be different due to the various factors involved. Due to the condition of the car, it can get difficult to calculate the exact worth of your damaged car.

Although it is nearly impossible to get the exact value of the car, you can still get a fair idea. You need to put in extra effort to check the value of your junk car. Once you get an estimate of your car, you can negotiate the price while selling it to private buyers.

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With the help of Kelly Blue Book, you can estimate the worth of your junk car before selling it. The website helps you to determine the high, low, and average value of selling your junk car. Assess the damage on your car from the estimated Kelly Blue Book value. If your damaged car is in drivable condition, you can consider taking half the KBB value. However, if the damage is severe, only a quarter of the KBB value should be taken.

Calculating the Value of a Damaged Car through Car Appraisal

Spread across the United States, are professional car appraisal companies that can help you. If you want to get a more accurate value of your damaged car, you can get it appraised after an accident. The car appraisal companies charge an amount for appraising damaged cars. The amount charged can cost you hundreds of dollars which can equal the value of your junk car. This may give rise to another question “Whether or not to fix your damaged car?”

Therefore, it is better to sell your damaged car for cash instead of spending extra money from your own pocket.

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