Selling damaged cars for cash can be a time consuming and confusing task especially for the first-timers. There are many small details that shall be taken care before you decide to sell your car. There are many places that buy junk cars for cash but they do not inform you about the correct procedure. The reason why they do not tell you to do the right thing can be many. Below are five basic thumb rules which will keep you from getting cheated when you decide to sell your damaged cars for cash.

1. Take out any Personal Belongings

Cars are more or less like houses. They tend to accumulate things after some time. If you’ve owned your car for quite a while, you may have overlooked every one of the things that you’ve put in your car at some point in time. When you try to sell your car to places that buy junk cars, it’s your duty to take out all the things that you own personally before the tow truck comes to get your vehicle. It’s tempting to leave things behind in your old car that you might never require in your new car, however that can cause issues with the exchange. Places that buy junk cars aren’t dumpsters, and they can’t be responsible to discard all the stuff you’ve left in your car. It is also highly likely that you overlook an important item in your car since it is surrounded by so many useless items. It is not the responsibility of any garage to take care of your belongings after you have sold your damaged cars for cash.

You’ll never get another chance of finding anything in your car after you have sold it to some place which buys junk cars. Search for things in places where you least expect something to be and additionally in the usual spots like glove boxes and any other compartments. Check under floor mats, above visors, and anyplace else you may have put any important things. In the event that you have a CD player in the car, take out every one of the disks. Try not to leave things like insurance cards in the car since you think you’ll not require them any longer. This sort of material has great personal data on it to just leave it in the car that may pass through several hands before it goes to the scrapping machine.

2. Get Your Title right

You have to return the license plates and cancel any insurance plans for the car. The absolute important thing you need to keep in mind while exchanging your damaged cars for cash to a junkyard is a legitimate title to the car. You can offer your car without a title however it’s much harder.

You ought to be particularly careful about places that buy junk cars that do not care if you have a title or not. In the event that you don’t pass the ownership for the car to the junkyard, you may be claimed responsibly for certain events since you still, in fact, own the car, despite the fact that it’s been sold. The only exception to this rule is when you live in a state that does not require a legitimate title for your car if it is more than a certain year of age. Despite everything, you’ll have to give a legitimate picture ID for the transfer to be legal. This exception is created because some deserted cars may have been left for a considerable length of time in remote areas, and the owners can find no printed documents for them. However, to be certain about all the rules and regulations, it’s advised to inquire with the local department of motor vehicles. This is the best approach in case you don’t know much about how to sell damaged cars for cash in your state.

3. Search for Valuable Components to Sell

If you’ve come up with a cost for your car with a junkyard, you should sell your car and hand over the keys if all the conditions are met that we discussed at the time of negotiations. However, if the cost offered for your car doesn’t reflect more than its junk value, you should think of selling off some valuable parts from the car to make a couple of additional bucks. If you have costly tires with a ton of tread left on them, you can buy four bald tires on low cost and swap them with your tires on the car. Your car’s battery has a resale value if it’s new, and recyclers will pay for the lead inside it without considering its age. You can remove electronics like GPS or stereo system if will fetch you some good money when sold.

4. Take off the License Plates

When you sell your damaged cars for cash to a junkyard, the pickups are usually made in a rush. Time is money in the bank for the tow truck driver that is sent to get your car, so it’s understandable that everybody will be in a rush. Make sure to remove the license plates from the car before it’s towed away. In many states, you should return the license plates to the motor department before your ownership can be crossed out, and your car insurance cannot get canceled until you surrender the license plate.

5. Burn Your Gasoline

If your car is in a running state before you sell your car to places that buy junk cars, you need use up the gas in the tank before you have it towed away. Depending upon the measure of the tank in your car or truck, the estimation of the gas in the tank can be converted to a considerable sum of money which will add up in the estimation of the cost you’re getting from the junkyard. If your car isn’t running, be careful if you try to siphon fuel from the tank. Use only approved containers to carry the gas, and never kick-start a siphon using your mouth. Do not think a lot about the gas in your car since the junkyard owners will have to empty all the liquids from your car before they proceed with the scrapping.